Should the skill of quality copywriting be placed under art or science? Although the answer may seem simple enough – creative writing is a form of art after all; there is some science to it as well. Especially when it comes to writing landing pages’ content. Here and there, you may have caught some tips on how to make a decent-looking landing page for your website – but you may still end up with a dull, uninspiring piece of content that will not create any conversions. No need to worry, though. With a reasonable amount of effort and some open-mindedness and useful pieces of marketing information, you will be able to boost your landing page conversions.

What copywriting principles are we talking about here?

Quality content – a default trait of a high-conversion landing page

Before diving into any other copywriting tips and tricks of the trade – you must make sure your landing page content is well put together. What can you do to upgrade the overall comprehensiveness of your landing page?

  • Be sure you stay concise.
  • Try not to use 15 words where 4 will do. Stay away from using too many adjectives and adverbs – instead of clarifying the message you are trying to share, overusing adverbs and adjectives might dilute it.
  • Keeping your landing page concise and to the point often means making it less bloated and, simply put – shorter. Nevertheless, you must try to differentiate between presenting your customers with an informatory long-form article – and a redundant one. Many successful landing pages that have low bounce rates actually consist of more than 1000 words. This means that, in order to boost your landing page conversions, your content must be well put together, but also informative enough.
  • Provide your customers with all the information they require about your brand – and do it in a language that will speak to them. In order to make this happen, your next step is to get to know your target crowd.

Know your customers – understand who the readers of your landing pages are

If you do not know who you are writing for, your landing page will lose its entire purpose, and consequently, lose conversions. In order to provide all the information your readers need and do it in a suitable tone and language, you need to understand who you are speaking to. By knowing who your readers are, you will be able to realize what their problems are and address them in your landing page content. Make your customers instantly understand why your product or service would simplify their life and how you are able to make it happen

If the readers recognize themselves in your content and immediately sees the prospective solution to their issues in your brand, the conversions of your landing page will experience an immediate improvement. 

Be wary, though. Knowing who your customer is and how your brand will help them is not enough to boost conversions of your landing page. Your message must be delivered by using proper language, as well. Talk to your clients in a way they wish to talk to you.

Explain what sets your product/services apart from others

A particularly useful principle to boost your landing page conversions is to explain what it is that separates your product or service from your competition. A landing page should be more than an empty boast, offer concrete explanations, as well as testimonials. Let the readers of your landing page realize they are in fact in the right place.

And while doing so, you can put in some extra effort to explain how it works: introduce your customers to the basic steps they should take in order to make the best use of what you are offering. This enables the reader to fully comprehend your brand and how it responds to their needs – while it also answers their questions before they actually ask them: showing your clients that you know them well enough to fully understand their requirements.

Work on the headlines

You ought to pay just as much attention to your landing page headline as you do to the rest of the copy. An effective headline is a feature that should be carefully crafted and well-thought-out. Convey your message clearly, but do not make the headline too long; make sure it enables you to connect to your readers and piques their interest enough to keep on reading. Create a headline that will entice and make your prospective clients explore the rest of the landing page, searching for more information.

Extra tip: add a subheadline, which would explain the gist of your offer in more accuracy and with more words than the headline.

There are, of course, numerous other landing page features that go hand in hand with quality copywriting – such as your web design, which could greatly benefit to your conversions. But by keeping all of the main copywriting principles in mind, you can lower your bounce rates and create a powerful marketing weapon out of your landing page.