Website Services


Shopping is increasingly done online, and websites are quickly becoming the most important part of any sales operation. This is why we take pride in the meticulous detail of our e-commerce sites. Using integrations specifically tailored to our various language stacks and WordPress site management, we offer a wide range of options to make your online sales floor as impressive as any brick and mortar display.

Our integrations allow for seamless communication between the website, your stock, and your customers. These custom solutions allow for versatility and responsiveness for your website and store. The databases allow for ease of entry for all product data, getting your products available to your customers as quickly as possible.

Our integrations also allow for ease of access to use your current merchant processing. Ease of use allows you to get paid faster and grow quicker. If you are new to e-commerce or looking to change your merchant services, we are familiar with all the major services currently offered.

Providing E-commerce Solutions In Buffalo, NY.

Welcome to Minerva Web Development! Founded by Antonio Castiglione in 2018, and based in Buffalo, NY, we bring what most other companies cannot. Just as our namesake, we are competitive, strategic, and we don’t settle for less. At our company, we create websites that speak for themselves. Minerva was founded to be separate from the rest, to go above and beyond. Our clients are our number one concern from start to finish. We make sure we give them the celestial treatment while we do all the work.

Our e-commerce specialists are dedicated, creative experts ready to work with you to maximize your online store efforts. With over a decade of combined experience in the e-commerce field and web services industry, you can rely on us to deliver custom-tailored solutions that fit both your business needs and your budget. Explore our portfolio page to see some of our projects, and give us a call when you’re ready to get serious about your online presence!