All successful websites need constant updates and changes to fit the demand of the web traffic and changing markets. At Minerva, we have formulated various strategies to ensure our clients always have access to our developers whether it is for upgrading the websites and applications, resolving bugs, or editing content.

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We offer support packages for website security, automated backups, content management, and generalized support. The website security package keeps our sites updated with the latest security patches. Our automated backups make sure that you have a copy of your website that is constantly updated with any changes made to the live website. The content management package allows you the peace of mind that your content is uploaded and managed by web administration professionals so that everything is optimized and properly implemented. Our generalized support package entitles our clients to time with our developers to service any minor issues that may occur over the course of the life of the website. These packages are available for bundling to get a comprehensive care package for your website!

Providing Web Support & Maintenance In Buffalo, NY.

Welcome to Minerva Web Development! Founded by Antonio Castiglione in 2018, and based in Buffalo, NY, we bring what most other companies cannot. Just as our namesake, we are competitive, strategic, and we don’t settle for less. At our company, we create websites that speak for themselves. Minerva was founded to be separate from the rest, to go above and beyond. Our clients are our number one concern from start to finish. We make sure we give them the celestial treatment while we do all the work.

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Our website specialists are educated, resolution oriented experts ready to work with you to support your new website. With over a decade of combined experience in the web services industry, you can rely on us to deliver custom-tailored solutions that fit both your business needs and your budget. Explore our portfolio page to see some of our projects, and give us a call when you’re ready to get serious about your online presence!