WordPress is a powerful tool for any web development operation. It is a form website creator and content management system (CMS) that has gained widespread popularity in modern web development. It is a free, open-source platform that is incredibly easy to use. Meaning it is extremely accessible, affordable, and customizable.

php and mysql

On the techy side, it is written in PHP and utilizes MySQL. PHP is a server-side coding language that allows sites to communicate with their host servers and databases, as well as execute any necessary processes or call on specific data. It allows for easy translation into the readable and usable HTML format that is the standard for web services. PHP also allows for incredibly responsive and complex sites that can either display large amounts of content, and MySQL is the database used in the access of massive amounts of data within a server.

On the cosmetic side, WordPress allows for easy design, customization, and content implementation. WordPress themes are incredibly fluid. In the absence of a custom design, you can easily choose a theme that is aesthetically pleasing and responsive. It is set up so that the novice and veteran web developers and designers of the world can both create accessible sites for any purpose. A feature implementation is incredibly simple, there are many pre-developed plugins that allow for all kinds of features to be placed on a site. From video players to fully functional e-commerce sites, there is at least one option for almost any feature you could be looking for on your site. And if there isn’t, the advanced developer can implement their own custom coded plugins to bridge the gap or stand out from the crowd.


On the utilitarian side, WordPress allows for all kinds of integrations and administrative accessibility options. A site admin can access their panel from any platform, allowing versatility in an on the fly editing and creative style that is very conducive to many modern businesses and content creators. This access also allows for easy updating of everything from blog content to security patches from any device. The ability to update on the fly allows for more secure and better-informed sites. Site integrations for social media and RSS feed make the hassle of content and social media management much more streamlined. While the search engine optimization (SEO) that is built in is very easy to use and extremely powerful. An admin or developer can easily index their site with optimal results, and the Google focused indexing allows for increased visibility on the world’s largest search engine.

As a whole, WordPress is one of the most powerful tools any web developer or website administrator could have. From its easy setup to its low cost, to its powerful CMS and SEO tools, it’s not hard to see why it holds such a large market share for websites. Nearly 27% of websites use its integrations, and over 75% of sites running CMS software are based in WordPress. Everyone from large corporations, the small business next door, universities, and even governments use WordPress.