Our services are designed as our product is: people first.

We believe that professional and personal service is the best foundation for creating a superior product.

Website Design

Intelligent website design is essential to growing your brand. At Minerva Web Development, we develop tailored web strategies that engage your target audience and inspire them to act. Tailoring that influences website designs that are not only visually compelling, but are data driven to produce results.

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Website Development

We provide custom website development and E-commerce development as options for clients who seek to deliver a flexible, consistent experience. We ensure the user experience for consumers across all platforms, browsers, and devices is consistent and professionally representative of your brand. Utilizing creative strategies based on proven approaches to web development, we bring a full and well-rounded skill set to deliver on your needs.

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Digital Marketing

Minerva provides multiple solutions to help you achieve this goal. Our strategies include: Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing Campaigns, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing. Our devoted and seasoned team is ready to formulate your next successful campaign!

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Shopping is increasingly done online, and websites are quickly becoming the most important part of any sales operation. This is why we take pride in the meticulous detail of our e-commerce sites. Using integrations specifically tailored to our proprietary coding, we offer a wide range of options to make your online sales floor as impressive as any brick and mortar display.

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Google Ads Campaign

Whether you’re looking to bring in new visitors, increase your online sales, get the phones buzzing, to develop brand awareness or keep customer retention high, Minerva Web Development can help by managing a Google Ads campaign for you. Let our experts help grow your business!

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Support and Maintenance

All successful websites need constant updates and changes to fit the demand of the web traffic and changing markets. At Minerva, we have formulated various strategies to ensure our clients always have access to our developers whether it is for upgrading the websites and applications, resolving bugs, or editing content.

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